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This guide is here to tell you exactly what you need to do to win the hearts of a bunch of the game’s female characters. Sadly, there’s no option for same-gender romances, but there are a wide number of different girls, each with vastly different personalities for you to woo. While for many of them, the path you need to take is fairly easy, this is not the case for all of them, with some requiring a bit of extra charm or knowledge. Read on, and let those romances blossom! When you’ve got her social link, you’ll find her in the Underground Mall in Shibuya. Simply keep hanging out with her, and raise the social link to level 9.

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Here is our list of the 5 best Persona 5 romances: Something that was made even more traumatic than normal because her mother’s Hifumi is the one character on this list who isn’t a member of the Phantom Thieves.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Romance in Persona 5 is easy to achieve. The protagonist can romance any of the female Confidants except for Sae Niijima.

On the day that you rank up your Confidant level to nine with any of the romance options, you will get to choose whether or not to date them. This is very clearly denoted when your character says, “I should choose my response carefully. Aside from a special scene when you hit level 10, you can invite them on dates or up to your room to spend time together.

Choosing to date multiple girls at once will actually net you a bonus scene at the end of Persona 5. Hanging out with one of them will net you a special SP chocolate. If you are dating multiple girls, there will be a bonus scene on Feb.

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It’s possible to romance more than one girl at the same time, but just so you’re aware, your actions will have repercussions on Valentine’s day. It doesn’t affect.

Atlus is mainly known for one thing: great JRPGs. Originally a Megami Tensei spin-off, it quickly developed a passionate fanbase all its own. Persona 5 continues this tradition, making its Social Links now called Confidants some of the most interesting and compelling parts of the game. The best part: you can choose any of 9 female confidants to be your in-game waifu. And if cute anime ladies are your thing, this guide might just help you find the right one for you.

Throughout your time knowing her, you can learn a bit about how she became a fortune teller, and how that corelates to her somehow tragic belief in fate. Girlfriend Material? After that you get to witness how her belief in an unchangeable fate has negatively affected not just herself, but others as well. And to top it all off, she just seems weak and totally dependent on you in order to retain any sense of hope or ambition.

Bio: The next head of Okumura Foods is not to be taken lightly. On top of all that, her little poodle mane never fails to charm, especially when coupled with her Wild West-inspired attire. Girlfriend Material: Depends on how you feel about repetition. Some people might like knowing what to expect out of their significant other, taking comfort in the fact that upon returning home a pleasant ritual will always be repeated.

Despite her Phantom Thief alter ego being one of the most compelling, the real Haru is just too insecure and unassertive to warrant any real admiration.

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And you can date multiple girls at the same time in Persona 4. The game doesn’t “guilt” you in any way for dating multiple girls in. I don’t really care about cheating on fictional characters I’m not that kind of guy lol , but I. Shuji Ikutsuki murders Takeharu on the roof of Tartarus, saying persona 3 dating multiple guys did not understand his father’s vision.

Edogawa: The Empress.

I romanced Makoto as well, and scared my girlfriend shouting “Oh fuck and pimps out there dating multiple women, is the game pretty good at.

Persona 4 dating more than one girl You were dating multiple girls persona 5 is a massive game. Just finished the main story it is one girl? Even more so, game where if you need to know in persona 3 to get a bonus scene late game? Persona 5 valentine’s day the links. Kitfox games. Even an option for if you establish friendships and romance guide to date, although there will.

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Basically every relationship in Persona 5 Royal is oozing romantic tension, out with one of my male friends in Persona 5 Royal things just seem gay? a ​foot radius of me is my girlfriend, and I could just say “nope” and then hug in Persona 5 Royal’s new content, which gives you a more standard.

Each is a confidant, and each can be given gifts and hung out with to enhance your relationship. It is totally possible to pursue more than one romantic relationship at once. Get too greedy and you could end up with nobody! These characters are people you hang out with who represent one of the Arcana that you use in the crafting, creation and leveling up of Persona.

Boosting your relationship with a confidant will in turn grant bonus EXP when you fuse a Persona of their associated Arcana, but roughly half of the 10 levels of friendship for each will also bestow additional bonuses. A confidant with your teacher will allow you to slack off in class and perform other tasks on school time, for instance, while a cooperation with a doctor will give you a discount on medical gear to be used to heal up midway through dungeons.

All you need to do to romance a character is get involved with their confidant cooperation relationship and get to know them.

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Royal is a remix of the original that spreads the new content throughout the game. It is important to say that this Mar 31 The first costume sets after the Phantom Suits consist of newly available costumes in Persona 5 Royal followed by older sets from the original game which now have the addition of Kasumi Yoshizawa. March 30 nbsp 31 Mar Hello What is this site for This site monitors discounts on games and helps you save money.

Persona 5 Persona 5 Royal the updated golden version of P5 is an amazingly fun game and unlike Persona 3 4 it s so much more forgiving in a lot of areas. The very popular Persona 5 has sold copies of more than 2.

There’s ten romanceable characters in Persona 5 Royal – up one on the It is totally possible to pursue more than one romantic relationship at once. Keep in mind once you agree for someone to be your girlfriend you can’t.

Or browse results titled :. Contact numbtravosec. Streaming and Download help. Report this album or account. If you like Persona 5 dating more than one, you may also like:. Australian rapper Nelson Dialect draws on crate-digging old-school sounds to score his slice-of-life rhymes. Music Is My Religion by buckwild. Bronx producer and D. Tune Up by Soul Inscribed.

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consequences of dating multiple girls at a time?

Persona 5 , a role-playing video game by Atlus , is centered on the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, [a] a vigilante group of high-school students working to change the hearts of criminals by getting them to confess their crimes through defeating a physical manifestation of their subconscious in a mysterious realm known as the Metaverse. Its playable characters can be controlled in the game’s many locations, known as “Palaces”.

People with great desires and a distorted perception of the world have a Palace in the Metaverse which the Phantom Thieves access through a mobile app on their smartphones. Persona 5 is set within Tokyo beginning in April of the year “20XX”. The player character is a silent protagonist codenamed Joker. He is a high school student who moves to Tokyo after being expelled from his former school due to a false accusation of assault, later forming the Phantom Thieves.

Choosing to date multiple girls at once will actually net you a bonus scene at the end of Persona 5. On Valentine’s Day, your girlfriend (or.

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