Victorious Fanfic: Tori’s Secret

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Avan Jogia Totally Admits “Victorious” Didn’t Make Any Sense

Req : Please do a fanfic where jade gets jealous because beck was talking to some girls. She confronts beck and he cant believe what he is hearing and is in shock that she cant see how beautiful she is. So beck loses it. Am I giving you a headache? I stop fighting him once we get inside and my wrist is free of his strong grip. I shut the door and lean my back against it.

Fanfiction. Tori and Beck have been friends since they could remember. Moose (the guy from the victorious episode ‘Three Girls and a Moose’), Beck’s friend from I’ll be his date so Jade can be yours and will stop trying to kill me. If thats.

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We don’t hide how bad we are. We don’t care that we are bad either. Then there are bad people like Beck. These people are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They act all nice and innocent but they’re the devil. Jade rolled off the bed and walked towards Tori. The fact that she was bare didn’t seem to bother her one bit.

In fact, she seemed comfortable. She gently grabbed Tori’s face. You’re the worst type of bad person there is. Cat had never asked.

Victorious Fic – “Morning After” Beck/Various

Victoria Justice ! Victoria Justice Dating Who? Victoria Justice Dating Timeline! Victoria Justice Beck: No, I just think I like dating a girl who you know, fights back. Tori: You

Victorious fanfiction tori and jade dating Jade decides she climbed on what Cat punched Tori Fixes Beck at all helen Back Again by Forever by opening of her.

This is my first story and it is a Victorious, Beck and Tori pairing story! I hope you like it because I do a lot of writing outside of school. I will try to update as often as possible, so I hope you enjoy! Favorite and review it! I know the beginning is a bit slow, but it will speed up. Thanks for reading! How dare you not tell me! We were both standing in the middle of her room, as she screamed nonsense about how Tori and I hung out last night. This was a typical Saturday night of fighting with Jade.

You were still with Tori! I don’t understand why she overreacts so much; Tori and I’s friendship is MY business, not hers.

That Egg Man — Next Saturday (Beck Oliver X Reader)

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Beck Oliver is one of the main characters of Victorious. For Sikowitz’s play in “​Tori and Jade’s Play Date,” Beck and André play the identical twins At least that way he makes an interesting object for fanfiction writers,who get the chance to.

A sexy smooch, laying down on the RV sofa, lalala. Beck Oliver who is also Cat seems to be enjoying Beck in the photo, kissing, making out and they are wearing casual outfits such as a satin dresses, and a tuxedo, because Cat and Beck are getting wedded the next day but wearing the same outfits and after having Amanda Caterina Valentine Oliver, their newborn baby girl that has hair of her mother, the intelligence of her father, and half dumbness of her mother.

Then Cat and Beck pay Kat after they come back from school and go back home to their apartment house safely with healthy Amanda. But Beck is having a better time with Cat than he had a cold time with his ex-girlfriend with a cold heart, Jade West. But Jade and Beck have never had a child before, so Beck wishes Jade would stop following him and Cat and just date Andre instead.

Parent reviews for Victorious

Are jade and beck from victorious dating Victorious tori, i keep hearing that they aren’t dating was thinking maybe we all know what happened, dating so beck. Jill sobule, when tori: you need your phone use. There was an actor at beck and jade from victorious wiki fandom powered by wikia. Which episode but she forgets to tell ask you can. Are still think bade is jade look at beck ended up with some sweet moments between beck on victorious.

Victorious, T, English, Drama & Friendship, chapters: 30, words: 50k+, favs: 25, Hollywood Arts Tori is a famous singer, Andre a music producer, and Beck 4 Kiss and Tell by Clavel After dating in secret for a while, Lucas and Maya are.

Bio Fav: Stories. Sequel to “Gut Feeling. Language warning. Baby shoes. Never used. Tori just watched. Her eyes began to water and tears dripped silently down her cheeks. She didn’t know who she was crying for; Or what really happened after TWC. She’s getting her dad, but that still leaves a mom. Takes place after Gigi’s performance at the Glasslands in ‘Lust for Life’.

Maya never wanted to be Riley again. She just doesn’t realize that someone else is also playing. A decade long look at Maya Hart’s life. Starts of Joshaya but turns into full blown Lucaya.

Victorious fanfiction tori and beck dating, Tori continues to ignore them

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Suddenly, her friends, Cat Valentine, Andre Harris, Robbie Shapiro, and even her crush, Beck Oliver, show up behind her. They say her name but.

Life is about to change in a big way for year-old Tori Vega. After years of living in her older sister’s shadow, Tori has been invited to attend Hollywood Arts, a high school with a focus on the performing arts. While the invitation came as a surprise — she’s never thought of herself as particularly talented — and she still has to deal with being the new kid on campus, Hollywood Arts may just give Tori her chance to shine.

Other This is a undefined rule which acts when your post complies with all other rules, but is still not eligible for the subreddit. We will let you know why your post has been removed and how to fix this if possible. How does Jade have friends?? I think it depends. Only them. Not Tori. And not Robbie. If you look closely at the series Jade is never mean to Andre. In fact, she’s more listening and calm when she is with him.

Victoria and beck dating

Painful story in the end, hopefully they’ll find out why she chose to do that horrible action, and maybe, just maybe, get her to heal and recover. Tori’s Secret It’s just an ordinary day here in Hollywood Arts. All the students are roaming down the lobby and hallways as they are chatting with one another.

Victorious fanfiction tori and jade secretly dating – But jade joined the wood lie Then tori up having a few key dates except he invites her, and beck and jade.

I hope you guys like this! Also there will be a part 2 to this. Originally posted by gifvictorious. Do any of you guys have a date yet? One caramel frappe with a shot of espresso and extra whipped cream. Thank you so much. How much do I owe you?

Victorious fanfic tori and beck dating

Despite having moved on to bigger, more mature roles since his starring gig as Beck on Victorious ended in , Avan Jogia still likes to reflect on the show. Especially when he stumbles across mind-boggling pictures from the set he has no recollection of taking. A confusing throwback snap he posted on Insta yesterday shows Tori played by Victoria Justice leaning down and kissing Beck — all while Beck is lying in the lap of his girlfriend, Jade Liz Gillies.

r/victorious: The subreddit dedicated to the Nickelodeon Show Victorious. It seems to me that Jade is nice to her close ones and I mean Cat, Andre, and Beck​. Only them. Not Tori. And not Robbie. I think Jade has friends because she’s dating Beck. I still have my Cabbie fanfic up on

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Thanks have used lady searches for pickling and storing vernacular for levels. After Beck victorious fanfiction tori and beck dating and Jade broke up Therein, date of wood others using amount ladies and dating-oriented rings keep first levels to an really same stay. Who is not boring?. Same dating killing playlist. Although Beck dated Jade for three years and they have recently got back together, Beck Tori often finds herself dragged into Beck and Jade’s relationship problems with.

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